Sanjay Patel’s GHEE HAPPY Print Set from 2006 Available Now on

EDITED Version:

And while I am currently familiar with the name “Sanjay Patel” primarily because of his Sanjay's Super Team (2015) animation piece for Pixar (edited version featured above) … but did you know he had self-published his first book 10 years ago, and had created a series of PRINTS in tandem with it?

Super7 had recently discovered a limited number of Sanjay's original Ghee Happy print set from 2006 safely stored in a flat file, and is now available to purchase here for only US$30 (while supplies last).

Set of six prints (sized 12.5" x 17.5”) featuring Sanjay's whimsical and graphically bold interpretation of figures of Hindu Mythology: Ganesh, Kali, Krishna, Kalki, Shiva, and Lakshm = concepts of which survived and thrived a decade since :)


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