SHOWA TK TROOPER V.2 from ThreeA Toys Drop Dec 16th

*Reveals of all 4 x Editions UPDATED HERE! (Still no prices yet tho... :p)

SHOWA TK Trooper 1

Releasing December 16th on is the “SHOWA TK TROOPER V.2” figure from ThreeA Toys’ “Tomorrow Kings” line - which is essentially another series of words meaning “AWESOMESAUCE”!

M0rphing out from a Star Wars-Stormtrooper guise and into a warrior soldier of a undefined future, the figure made it’s display debut earlier in the year at San Diego Comic Con (additional pic below via @Sven3000), and is one of the “three” editions to be unleashed (and is one of them going to be a 3AA-exclusive? :p) … looking pretty darn “awesome” (but I’ve already said that, haven’t I? :p) thus far!

Stay tuned to Instagram @worldof3a for further updates!


Kalle Andersson said…
Any word about the price yet?
Not at all Kalle - but i reckon it'll come up soon, along with the reveal of the 3 other versions! ... i hope? LOL
Kalle Andersson said…
Okay THX! Thinking about getting this one! would be my first 3A :P

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