Stanley Kubrick: A Shinework Odyssey - 3D Figure Available from Mike Leavitt

KING CUTS STANLEY KUBRICK from Mike Leavitt can be yours to hold, currently orderable on for US$59.00. Limited to 100pcs, the last we saw of this figure was a larger sized sculpt for Mike’s King Cuts show!
"This is a 5 inch / 12 cm version of my sculpture of Stanley Kubrick as a twin from The Shining with references to 2001, Clockwork Orange & Full Metal Jacket. It's a limited edition available until one hundred (100) 3D-prints are made. 75% of the price covers the 3D-printed material itself, 25% I added for my labor on the 3D model." - shared Mike Leavitt.
THE STORY: "The Shining transgenders Kubrick. His entire identity, even his humanity is relinquished. Hal's all seeing eye welds itself to his chest. He is a female robot. He's the ancient ape predating 2001. He grips to reality with a jelly donut stolen from a Full Metal Jacket. Clockwork Orange costuming veils him from the world in vain. Nothing can stop Stanley from drifting off into the surreal void."