#sunnyandcloudyweathershop Christmas Version SKOLL from LoFi Collective - Drops Dec 8th?

After their instant sell-out from the first release in November, South Korea designer Eun Byeol Choi (AKA LoFi Collective) prepares to unleash her next Skolls, with the Christmas Versions - possibly dropping “December 8th”?

The Wolf-girl has taken on two brand new colorways - in both her wolf-heads and snow-caked dresses! No further info on availability, so you’d do well to stay connected to her Instagram @sunnyandcloudyweathershop, or go bug her on her Facebook!

WHO-IS: "Skoll is a wolf girl who chases the sun and causes lightning.

The motif for this was taken from the sun-chasing wolf Skoll from Celtic mythology and Raijuu, a beast in oriental mythology believed to have caused lightning.

The cloud-shaped head and costume were designed to show the state of the clear or cloudy sky through different colors. The way Skoll feels can affect the weather.

If the wolf above the head wakes up, the sun disappears and the clothing and hair representing the sky turns dark. Lightning strikes and rain may also ensue.

Conversely, when the wolf is asleep, a cloudless sunny sky will be created."
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