The SPOOKY SLASHER CHUNGALOIDS by Joseph Harmon Drops Dec 12 on TAG

PRODUCT PRESS: ”Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a a new edition of the Chungaloids by Joseph Harmon! The Chungaloid Spooky Slashers are hand-painted by Joseph Harmon in a kaleidoscope of colors, inside and out! Each Chungaloid stands 4" tall and is articulated at the head, arms and legs. Concept and sculpt by Joseph Harmon and produced by Toy Art Gallery.”
The SPOOKY SLASHER CHUNGALOIDS look pretty darn nifty! This trio will be made available this Thursday 12/15 at 12PM PST at for US$150 a set! (Above IG snap via @mjoukar).


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