#toyreview for ThreeA Toys’ 1/12 JUDGE FEAR & JUDGE MORTIS (Part One)

Two of the Dark Judges has joined Judge Death here in Singapore (arrived just yesterday), waiting to wreck havoc to Judge Dread’s existence! And now they are only waiting on for Brother Judge Fire - and the FOUR shall be COMPLETE!

Scroll down for an ‘Instagram Review of both JUDGE FEAR and JUDGE MORTIS - in their blister carded packaging, with commentary via the IG’s captions. This is Part One, with future parts looking at the figures themselves, thanks :)

FYI: Both Judge Fear and Judge Mortis were pre-orders online on Bambaland.com a while back (mid-January 2016 for “Fear”, end-February 2016 for “Mortis”) and they were each priced at US$65 (inclusive shipping), each shipped saperately. Folks interested to hunt these done are to check in with your fav retailers for availability and pricing.

DREDD: ”I heard someone’s been talking frak about me…???”

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