#toyreview: Machine56’s TEST SUBJECT 56 from Cillic Wave One by GLITCH

If I were to exclaim “Articulation Is Overrated!” - then I would be shooting myself in my own foot, as I personally do enjoy a healthy selection of articulation, least of all it provides one with a wider range of poses for photographing said "toy" - which in “an adult’s life” context, is about as close to “playing with toys” as you’re going to get! Least your kid shows you what “punch each other other”-play is about, innit?

With that in mind, the Series One figure from GLITCH’s CILLIC line possesses zero articulation, but in place we are greeted with hella details - mostly sculptural, and in the case of TEST SUBJECT 56, the printing is exceptional and deliberate - from the Machine56-designed logo at the back of the figure, right down to the black buttons on it’s jersey!

In the case of TEST SUBJECT 56, the sculpt is amazing, given the design by Machine56, which brings to life his BONEHEAD character creation in this chili / super-deformed stylised incarnation, and probably the closest I’ll ever get to his 1/6th toy-brethren or even Raya’s 1:1-scaled ”wearable art” helmets.

Housed in a handsome printed box with flip-open cover to a clear window display, the characters are individually clearly identified on the box, so this is essentially NOT a “blind box” purchase. SRP is US$23 on glitch-store.com and select distributors.

Within it’s clam-shell clear plastic within, houses the figure itself, separate from it’s magnetised base. In that effect, there are miniature magnets built into the figure’s feet, so that the figure steady when placed on the base accurately.

The magnets on my copy of the TEST SUBJECT 56 is highly effective, while alas on my INARI figure was not as strong a “stick” (but I’ll look into that figure at a later date :p).

The magnetised feet is a splendid way to present the figure, without the tried-n-test ways of peg-in-socket, which plagues most collectible toys - especially the Japanese gashapon-styled releases, of which the closest comparison would be to this figure release, IMHO.

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Production wise, the figures are on-point, with slight unevenness seen in my TEST SUBJECT 56 - most notably at the bottom of the back of “jersey” sculpt, but unless you tilt the figure up and stare in closely, it is negligible on the display shelf. Other than that, it’s all good in da toy-hood, as far as I am concerned!

Cillic Series One can also be purchased as a Complete Set of 5 figures for US$103.50 (*Discount 10% and Save on Shipping*).

Besides Test Subject 56 (No.5), Wave One as well includes God Complex characters INARI (No.1), APOLLO (No.2), HERMES (No.3) and HORUS (No.4). Check out my lil’slideshow video (above) to have a gawk at the figures, and stay tuned to further toy-review of the OTHER guys in Wave 1!

Cheers, and Toy-ON!

(Thanks to Bryan, for your generosity!)