TOYS OF 2016 is dedicated with sincere thanks to the generous folks who had provided myself with reasons to LOVE TOYS! Head on to the respective folks to seek (most) goodies featured here!

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Top-left-right: TIGER BOSS by Javier Jiménez x Max Toy Company / REAL HERO FIREFIGHTER 02 by Shenzo x Masterpiece Collectibles / XXRAY BATMAN from Mighty Jaxx / KAIJU NEGORA from #maxtoyco

Middle-left-right: VOLTRON DUNNY by Sen Custom / Popcon2016 Exclusive JACKALSTORM from TopzToy / METAL GHOST FINGER DATADUB from Don @datadub Kratzer / TOYSREVIL 10th anniversary edition NYMPH from Argonaut Resins

Bottom-left-right: 10” Clear BIG BOY CE from MAFIA Factory / Jackalstorm from #TopzToy / BOBETT from Wetworks / CILLIC from GLITCH.

This selection offers a peek into what the “Designer Toy World” or “Art Toy World” has to offer folks in this day and age!

From indie production (sofubi & vinyl, or resin) of original character creations (non-affiliated to media), to appropriated concepts mashed-up with art toy icons, resin hand-casted collectibles, to new emerging PVC production, to adaptation of mass iconologic characters merging with art toy sensibilities!

And thanks again for the toy-love! Have the most awesomeness of new year in 2017!


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