#toysrevilblogs Recap for December 5-11, 2016

With the end of Westworld Season One, my Monday (here in Singapore) is feeling a tad “empty” (like when the “Attack of Titans” anime ended it’s weekly run…), and I had been struggling to be intelligent in my impressions of to recap my viewing of the HBO-series, I had to randomly catch the Westworld Cast Dubsmash Compilation -where I literally lost my plot thereafter LOL

Otherwise it had been a fruitful-ish week delving into introducing Sherlock Season 4, Sense8 Season 2, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and even Cartoon Networks’ Justice League Action!

I’ve a few posts pending - guilty pleasures on internet google-box viewing addiction escapades - after my TOYSREVIL blog posts, with continued looks at HUMANS and continued Hosts V Synths #2 parallels, and hopefully continuing more on fanarts, like Butcher Billy’s take on Black Mirror.

I really enjoy blogging on #iliketeevee actually, but somehow need to justify my time commitment versus the lack of readership, I suppose :p

After the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 teaser trailer, BABY GROOT has been the breakout kawaii-star (since peeking from behind Rocket’s back), with even folks wondering about When Groot met Baby Groot! And don’t forget you can stand a chance to walk the Red Carpet of the film’s Hollywood premiere!

The Trailer Teaser hardly gave a clue about the awesomeness that was to come from full trailer for “The Fate of the Furious” AKA “FAST8”!

A quick Sneak Peek, followed by TWO trailers released, one of whom made it’s debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live, along with Tom Holland dressed up as Spider-Man along with an army of Spider-Men storming the tv studio!

Just before the Hollywood premiere of ROGUE One: A STAR WARS STORY - the cast and crew descended on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and shared stories which included stealing stuff off set!

I’d watched the #SuicideSquad and enjoyed it, more than the Honest Trailers-folks have of the original cut film lOL

I am somewhat intrigued at the rebooting and consolidating of Universal Studios’ “classic horror” film characters, starting with the official trailer, followed very quickly with a “Inside Look” Featurette less than a week afters, actually - which to me shows a pretty hard push AND explains a whole lot more beyond the trailer. I like it when things are explained beyond the film, rather than just treat folks like “idiots” and instead need to educate them straight what they see/saw … which is why I appreciate a little bit more of director Matt Reeves’ Director Trailer Commentary for his WAR OF THE PLANETS OF THE APES first full trailer - which gave further depth and understanding of the plot for the 3rd in the trilogy of prequels to the 70’s films, IMHO.

With the upcoming release - in a few days’ time, actually! - of ROGUE ONE” A STAR wARS STORY, I had hoped to devote mire time on my dedicated Star Wars-blog at #starwarsallday … but having tons of content lay within the work-folder, it’s a lot more work to provide a text-teal context to the images and videos awaiting to be presented and shared on the hobby-blog! Just have to work harder, I suppose … meanwhile, the last week was spent looking at custom scratch-builds by Jan Calleja, 12-Inch Tall BOBETT from Wetworks x FLABSLAB, The Rebels’ secret weapon revealed!, "Creature Featurette" for Rogue One and s schweet one for SW-fans: Colin Furze builds a 5-meter tall AT-ACT!

THANK YOU ALL for Reading #toysrevilblogs!