@toysrevil’s #2016BestNine

Call me “slow” (but maybe not to my face, I’m fragile that way :p), but it didn’t really dawn on me - until this morning, actually - that Christmas is less than a week away (*GASP*), and in a blink of an eye, the Year 2016 will be (*DOUBLE-GASP*) over!

Maybe it’s time to start “looking back”, and especially since folks are winding down their year, and less toy-news could be mined out in the www LOL

It was extremely fitting I managed to sort out a #2016BestNine on my Instagram (Which you could do so by logging into http://2016bestnine.com and input in your Instagram handle), which essentially shows the highest amount of “LIKES” per image, collects them and presents them in a 3 x 3 grid image - hence, “Best Nine”! And TOYSREVIL’s was an all toy-news featured in 2016!

Most of my IG-pics struggle to get past 100-Likes each, so this selection is a true treat of statistical fact of what my readers (generally) like reading about / seeing ~ hahahaha!

And here, on this very wet (heavily raining right now in Singapore’s East) Thursday, I’d thought to take a trip down THROWBACK THURSDAY! Scroll-on down, dear readers!

TOP-LEFT: This adorable seal gnawed by the bloody teeth of a very well-fed shark, is one of two collectibles released by Alex Solis (Featured in 9/2016), in his self-produced ACoL Art Toy Collectible Series - and you can still order them online here, direct from the artist!

TOP-MIDDLE: The first colorway of Alex Pardee’s THE ASTRONAUT, produced by ToyQube and first featured in 5/2016. I have a feeling I’d love this figure, but perhaps I have no place to display him at home LOL

Two more editions have since been released after; Abominable Edition (at NYCC’2016), and Toxic Edition - which debut at Tokyo Comic Con (Dec 2-4).

TOP-RIGHT: ANGLE CAKE LONELY TQ from ThreeA Toys was an exclusive to Thailand Toy Expo 4/2016. Folks seem to like their Lady Stormtroopers in skimpy gear and pink stockings FTW!

MIDDLE-LEFT: The “Otaku” Simpsons Couch Gag is one of the MOST fun of the opening sequences in the entire series, by far! Featured in 2/2016.

MIDDLE-CENTER: The first KINDRED Release by Martin Hsu x PowerCore in Powder Edition, has since been Sold Out. But there’s the Midnight Edition to be had, currently available on for US$170.00!

MIDDLE-RIGHT: "Lord Vader Kabuto" by El Hooligan is a custom 1/5th-scaled Darth Vader Helmet done in the vein of Samurai Warrior and since been spoken for! Featured on both TOYSREVIL and #starwarsallday!

BOTTOM-LEFT: So when I purchased the Clear Balloon Dog Anatomy from mightyjaxx.com. I was hoping for this Purple Tinted Balloon Dog Anatomy collectible instead, but did not know they were bringing THIS in too, and I only had a limited budget for just ONE?


Such is the allure of Jason Freeny’s design, I reckon! LOL

BOTTOM-CENTER: Sketches by KaNO for his solo show “Raw Goods” at Woot Bear (3/2016), is as popular as it was ingenious, and a splendid way to create art out of existing stuff, IMHO.

BOTTOM-RIGHT: Voltron Dunny by SEN Custom is a non-licensed mash-up of toy geekery this portion of the scene thrives on! This being a 8-inch tall beast released in 3/2016 really gives fans a run for their money;s worth, methinks!

Sandwiched very neatly between “All-Original-Creations” and “Non-Licensed Appropriations” - this to me is a swell representation of the Designer Toy Scene, veering towards a Media-curve FTW!

So What Were YOUR Best Nines for this year?