3ART COLLECTION: 1:1 Custard The Lab on sale Feb 2nd

ThreeA Toys will be selling “dogs”, come February 2nd on Bambaland.com, and in this instance 1:1 scale life-sized sculpts of Ashley Wood-designed CUSTARD THE LAB canines - previously available as scaled collectibles!

These (anatomically accurate) Adventure Kartel Labradors are sized an average of 132cm x 90cm each faux pooch, and is made of fibreglass, with EACH of the designs shown here in an edition of only TWO figures! of course I’d go for the “Battle Hoodie Lab” and/or “Tracky Lab”, innit?

No “prices” revealed as yet, but I have a feeling they might not remain unadopted for too long …

[ MORE images HERE on #iliiike ]


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