#DEBOX (26.1.2017 Edition): Welcome to my obsession with 1/6th SHOES!

This edition of #DEBOX (26.1.2017) is all about 1/6th-scaled shoes! Featuring 30+minutes of, well, SHOES!

A decade back, I was deep into the 1/6th scale hobby, and had an intense obssession with scaled SHOES! My “poison” was primarily casual styled / street shoes and sneakers (and less army combat boots etc), and I hunted far and wwwide for different styles and brands of sneakers! Purchasing from online and brick-n-mortar establishments, leaving me with "a few" boxes (this is just one of them *cough*), no doubt with tons of missing pairs too!

Unfortunately, I do not know where to get these shoes these days, could I tell you where to find them - as most of them are a decade (or more) old, and O haven’t bought shoes for a looooong time since too LOL

Alas, nor am I selling them (at the moment), so you'd do well to check in with online sites who sell loose 1/6th-parts, and start looking a little bit closer at shops and flea market booths, for little plastic bags pegged or in boxes … who knows, you might find that toy-treasure you didn’t know you wanted/needed?

How “obsessed” was I? I even started a blog dedicated to them (circa 2007), but alas never took the time to devote myself to the hobby … but who know what will happen in the days to come? :)



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