About That Unfortunate Black Power Ranger Pop!Vinyl Design …

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I truly don’t mean to be stirring anything “negative” up on this fine Sunday in Singapore, but it has been bugging me since noticing it when I first blogged about it … but don’t you think the BLACK RANGER Pop!Vinyl looks kinda “racist”? Like the Eastern/Oriental-dude needs to have smaller / “slanty-eyes” on his helmet? Versus the ones seen in the character posters and motion posters?

Did someone not get the memo for the helmet design? Or could it have been a “simple mistake” of rendering the correct “visor” area/component of the helmet design, for the product release … unfortunately showing the “non P.C. sensibilities”? Which I doubt, as I have been seeing the product in folks' collections (on Instagram) since they have been released ... Or maybe it was a specific chosen design based on the film’s storyline?

Regardless the reason or intent, and I try my best not to take this personally … but as a Chinese man myself - and I am not necessarily speaking for anyone else other than myself - I found it first utterly hilarious, but then I cannot believe I am actually quite offended by this. LOL

Sure, "It's Just A Toy!", you might say, and I'll leave it at that.

UPDATED: Facebooker "Ian Arel" replied to this post with a agreeable voice of reason:
”The whole black portion is the visor not the shadow effect caused by the visor mold. they are reading into things a bit much.”

"...it's just a toy..."

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User said…
Are you serious? Seriously this is the most immature article ever

Proof everyone gets offended over nothing.
User said…
Are you serious? Really!??? This is the most immature article I have ever seen

Guess everything is offensive now
Mr Gundamio said…
It is just a toy indeed