AZAZEL (Blue Spirit Version) by POPprolific

Available to purchase now on is the new BLUE SPIRIT Version of POPProlific’s AZAZEL resin figure.

Priced at US$79.99 and standing 5.5" tall, this Glow-in-the-dark edition is limited to only 4 pieces! This was what Justin had to add about this resin figure;
"t’s not always easy to appreciate a GID figure when the shadows and highlights are not embellished so I designed this figure to be appreciated in the light and in the dark. By giving the folds and creases a healthy amount of blue wash they retain a ghostliness in the daylight.”

Time is on my side
I am he who changes skin
From the light of the fallen my voice is fire
Call me scapegoat from the mountain
I see the beauty in the daughters of man
I am the father of giants
The Enochi are dust yet I am always

(Super tiny edition size, inspired by the film Fallen)


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