BLIND BOX PLAYHOUSE - Episode #1: Odd Ones Dunny Fun

We’ve heard fellow grownasskidults wax on about “art toys” for forever … but now it’s time to hear from the *real* critics (“Kidics”?), as we join Lyla Belle and Piper Tolleson as they dive into episode #1 of their blind box review show; “BLIND BOX PLAYHOUSE”! Scott Tolleson adds;
"And we are up and running! This show is a work in progress, but we promise to deliver fun and excitement each and every week. I will help steer the show, but the two stars will be Lyla and Piper. They will give their true opinions on the latest designer toys to hit the shelves."

First boxes to undergo the surgical play-knife of kids? The Odd Ones Dunny series, designed by Scott Tolleson and produced by Kidrobot!

Subscribe to their dedicated youtube channel for further episodes, and congrats on the launch all around!

(Above-image via Kathy MacLean Tolleson @ktolleson)


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