BOXCAT CUSTOM EXHIBITION @ Riri & Deli Mini Gallery (Launching Jan 12)

The world first ever BOXCAT CUSTOM EXHIBITION has since been announced to launch January 12th @ Riri & Deli / 리리앤델리 (연남동 566-45, Seoul, South Korea) - featuring Rato Kim’s adorable BoxCat being customised by 16 artists around the world - some works of which are previewed HERE!

Exhibiting thru February 4th, participating artists include; Remji Malham, MJ Hsu, Jongwon Choi AKA cacaoz, Paulo Mendez, Candie Bolton, Son Ji-Young AKA DressyDoll, Seulgie Lee, Winson Ma, Takayuki Iwa, Shenly Yee, Duck Head, Jay H. Lee, Sakubo, Hoyoung Kim and Thailand’s TopzToy (Whom I featured earlier for BoxCatTrooper!).

Stay tuned to updates on the event’s Facebook page and as well Rato Kim’s Instagram @ratokim and Twitter @rato_kim! Congrats on the show!


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