Bwana Spoons's Skulls And RainBones Society Membership (with Summer Bum Globby) Now Open on!

Time to get your “Bwana-ON” in 2017 with the “SKULLS AND RAINBOWS SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP” now up for grabs on - where for only US$50, you’ll get a snazzy Protection From Evil tee, the SUMMER BUM GLOBBY and free PFE stickers … all these for a 2 Year Membership?
ALSO: "You will also get access to news, extra goodies, exclusives, occasional firstsies, and sometimes discounts that other folks don’t even know about."
Pre-orders open til Friday the 13th, January 2017. Sort yourselves out, if you haven’t already!

What’s the deal with the Protection From Evil stuff? "I just had this feeling about 2017, like we need a little extra spell cast for us all to be happy and safe. I saw these strange blue and white signs hiding all over the place this year in Japan. It’s an adult walking with a child, but it’s weird, all squiggly, almost alien. I adopted it, and adapted this sign for us, and some of you will recognize the abstracted adult silhouette. Think of this as casting a spell for “good” to anyone donning the Protection from Evil tee will have a better day. Sometime in the near future I’d like to make a medallion with the image." - shared Bwana Spoons.
ABOUT THE SUMMER BUM GLOBBY: "What your looking at is a new sculpt that I made for resin. Colors will be different. It’s designed to be three pieces, bottom, top, and hat. The bottom and top will be connected by magnet. the Hat… maybe. I’m doing my best to keep the price down so, we will see about that. Colors will vary, and each member will get a three color combo. This Globby is taller than a pocket, and smaller than the biggie Globby, and is as they say “Hella Cute” or “Totes Adorbz” or “fine as all get up”. whether you are crotch deep in snow, or roasting in the desert sun, this Globby will feel like 78 degrees with your toes in the river." - added Bwana Spoons.


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