Custom Previews for “Yetimeggedon” @ Mothership Gallery

Previews of a select few custom and original creations for “Yetimeggedon” group show at Mothership Gallery, launching January 21st - where “yetis” from around the world will gather and wreck havoc! Or, have a party!

Curated by Dex Black (check out his IG @dexdexignlab for snaps of the show), it took me a minute to realize the “Mothership” is actually a brick-n-mortar manifestation of “Martian Toys” - imagine that haha

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East meets west. @tougui @__2oz__ #yeti #yetiseason #yetimageddon #designertoy #mothershipgallery

A photo posted by Dex Black (@dexdexignlab) on

I made yetis too... #yetimageddon #yetiseason #custom #designertoy #kidrobot

A photo posted by Dex Black (@dexdexignlab) on


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