CUSTOM SHOW POWER ANGER JUNIOR @ Bodypack Prodiger Space, Bandung, Indonesia (Jan 29-Feb 5, 2017)

CUSTOM SHOW POWER ANGER JUNIOR is an upcoming event launching January 29th (starting at 7AM) in Bandung Indonesia, whereby a slew of artists have been invited to customise the “Power Anger Junior” (created by Iky), and will be exhibited at Bodypack Prodiger Space (Dago Street No. 88, Bandung, Indonesia) through to February 5th, 2017.

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EVENT PRESS: "Power Anger Junior is a series of characters design created by Iky. Power Concepts Anger is talk about the human embodiment of angry emotions. Iky imagine the emotion of anger inside human like “Kingdom Of Anger”, which consists of the King, Army, Boys and others. Power Anger Junior is a “anger boy”. Since 2016 The character of this design has been developed into various forms of work such as illustration, drawing, stickers and sticker line. In this event, custom show is a form other exploration to introduce this character design to the public. By collaboration with some artists and designers the option to respond to the existing form based on the interpretation and imagination."

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Abraham Deri | @deri637
Addy Debil | @addydebil
Alympu | @alympu
Andre 14k | @andre14k_
Bebe Wahyu | @bebewahyu
Bowo Baghaskara | @bowobaghaskara
Buddy Bat | @buddy_bat
Eric Noah |@eric_noah
Hello Muaw | @hellomuaw
Igi Anjangbiani | @sombong_
Mirfak Prabowo | @mirffu
Muklay | @muklay
Ops | @onikspopssial
Riandi Sumadinata | @sumadinata
Sapiptenktai | @sapiptenktai
Semproel | @semproelart
Yeyeyeaaghh | @yeyeyeaaghh
Yyobbi | @yyobbi

Live Custom By:
Mr. Razorone | @mr.razorone
Ndo | @condrondondo
Rifkymisa | er_misaa

Live Mural By :

Soft Opening:
29 January 2017, Start at 07 am

Exhibition Running:
29 January – 5 February 2017

Bodypack Prodiger Space @ Dago Street No. 88, Bandung, Indonesia | @bodypackid

Media Partner: