#DEBOX 5.1.2017

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Continuing my weekly DEBOX feature (well, I hope it’ll be a weekly - until I ran out of boxes to open and discover again, of course :p), here’s a look at purchases from my sole Hong Kong trip in 20045 (travelled with my buddy Marc) - where a one-week all-toys-trip remain my most memorable of lifetime memories!

Seen here is the STAR RUNNER box (for a 1/6th-scaled action figure of a Vaness Wu film!), since gutted out to store the numerous gachas that held my attention over a decade ago - featuring 1/6th-scaled food-stuff and everyday roadside appliances/gadgets, and even a light-sabre! Yeah, I was quite into kitbashing 1/6th Star Wars too ... :p

The contents of the box to removed to pack in the smaller gachas, to facilitate being able to pack MORE into the luggage, and as I was not too concerned with the box packaging, it was a done deal! These were bought at the same time as last week’s box contents LOL

If I remembered correctly, there were MORE gachas in the box - since removed - of miniature arcade game rides replicas - images of which are featured below, from snaps taken a while back. In time I might offer up the doubles (and some “triples”) online for sales … meanwhile … hope you enjoyed this little throwbacktoythursday flashback, and stay tuned NEXT THURSDAY for another DEBOX on TOYSREVIL!

(Previously posted 2010 of snaps taken in 2005)