Electro Doublethink Night Gamer from Plaseebo Drops Jan 12th

And the first toy-release news from Placebo features a one of a kind custom mash-up of a Plaseebo Night Gamer head on a Doublethink silver fleck clear vinyl body hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays by Bob Conge! Available on Thursday January 12th from the web-shop on plaseebo.net - this is what you’re gonna be getting;
The Electro Doublethink Night Gamer (is) "a lofty 11 inches tall with red glass eye inserts and a body cavity filled with a kaleidoscope of colored gels, glow in the dark parts, space worms and spiders, all illuminated by 2 internal motion activated color-changing LED units with replaceable batteries. His metal chained clear vinyl ball is also filled with colored gels and glow in the dark parts. Signed."

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]


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