Galaxxor 002/Nebularr Glyos-Compatible Production Vinyl Figures Drop Jan 25th

Ben Spencer sends word of the impending drop for his GALAXXOR 002/NEBULARR vinyl figures, happening Jan 25th! Price is US$30 each, Limit 2 per order.
"Produced in a pearlescent white vinyl, these 5.5" figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport multiple paint aps and tampo printing. Each figure comes with both the dome(Galaxxor 002) head and the horned (Nebularr/Cyborg Space Barbarian) head. This will be available from at 8pm Central on 01.25.17."

(Above images via Galaxxor Facebook)
"Galaxxor 002 rocketed towards the planet Txoltep. To his right, he saw an ebony behemoth of a ship, tumbling through space, out of control, being torn apart by violent explosions. To his left, he saw the moon-sized pyramidal space fortress known as Cerberus. It rippled with an inter-dimensional unnatural energy that sickened Galaxxor 002's circuits to the core. As he entered Txoltep's arid atmosphere, the interior of his dome began to crackle with cosmic energy. The voices of The Seven Space Gods spoke to him in choral unison...

Galaxxor, we are uploading to you the coordinates of the base known as The Scimitar. It is controlled by the Cyborg Space Barbarian Nebularr and his mutant henchmen. The Scimitar houses the control system for the defenses of Cerberus. You must enter The Scimitar, defeat Nebularr and his followers, and disable Cerberus's defenses. The fate of The Lazarus Sector hangs in the balance!"
(Read more about “The Crisis in The Lazarus Sector” here!)