Igor Ventura’s “Royal” Androids A/Ps Releases Jan 20th

Igor Ventura has send word that he will be offering up his Android A/Ps this coming Friday January 20th at 12:00 ET via igorventura.bigcartel.com - in a trio of different options, including;

- 2-pack with the King and Queen, both signed, plus a pack with 8 playing cards (10 packs available) @ US$50 per set.

FYI: Both King and Queen re the part of the Basic Set for Androids Series 6.

- 3-pack with King, Queen and Jack, signed and numbered, plus a pack with cards (10 packs available) @ US$180 per set.

FYI: “Prince” was a “Chase” figure in Androids S6.

- Custom Joker (only 2 available) with a pack of cards @ US$160 each.

FYI: The Joker was not apart of the Androids series, so it is a straight-up custom-piece (previously featured), that would completely work with the Royal set~


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