"INdunnySIA" Dunny Series from I.A.T @ The Jakarta 13th Toys and Comic Fair 2017 (Feb 11-12)

INdunnySIA 2017

INDUNNYSIA ("INdunnySIA”) DUNNY SERIES will be exhibiting and available at The Jakarta 13th Toys and Comic Fair 2017 (11-12 February 2017 @ Kartika Expo Balai Kartini), with the series featuring works from a host of Indonesia-based customisers and artists from the I.A.T / ‘Indonesian Art Toys’ community, including folks familiar on this blog, like Silvia Tampi, Bowo Baghaskara, Alympu, Toy Kultur and MORE - all of whom were 'challenged' to design/customize their Dunnys with "Indonesian Art & Culture" themes! Check out some W.I.P. featured below :)

Stay tuned to the I.A.T Public Facebook Group, and their group instagram @iat.id for updates leading to the event!

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