INSTINCTOY Exclusive SALMON colorway MAGURO Senpai on Pre-orders Now!

Japan’s INSTINCTOY has since opened for pre-orders for their exclusive “Salmon” colorway of Mame Moyashi’s MAGURO Senpai!

In this particular instance, you need not “worry” about the “edition size” (yet), as the quantity of this colorway will be determined by the number of pre-orders it receives during the pr-order period - *which lasts from January 20th thru to Wednesday February 22nd, 2017.
"After the order period, we will contact the maker and tell them the consolidated order quantity. When the factory resumes operations after the Chinese New Year holidays, they will start to manufacture the figures. The schedule for the arrival of these products is predicted to be in the middle of April. After we receive them, we will prepare the packages and ship them to the customers at the end of April from Japan…” (INSTINCTOY-blog)

Price for each Maguro is tagged at 6,800yen (+ Shipping fee + PayPal Fee of 4.5%) - order able here on (*Read the full terms and conditions before purchasing) … price works out approx. to US$59 / SG$85 (excluding shipping).

Folks will receive an invoice after you make your order, and will be asked to pay the toy price as a deposit before 25th Feb. ”If the payment is not received by then, the order will automatically be cancelled.”