Introducing the “MACINBOT CLASSIC” by Philip Lee of #playsometoys - Now On Pre-Order!

Philip Lee - designer and owner of playsometoys - shares with us a peek at his first and upcoming toy collectible; “MACINBOT CLASSIC”!

This adorable cy-creature was inspired by the Macintosh Classic computer - specifically the first Apple Macintosh from 1990, which Mac-heads would be familiar with!

*Please note that the Macinbot Classic shown in the photo is a 3D-printed test model. The final product might differ slightly.
Philip also shared; "Macinbot Classic is still in tooling stage, the product will be ready to ship out worldwide in June this year. We just start taking pre-order online."

Macinbot Classic” is priced at US$25.00 (plus shipping), with each set come with a "font suitcase" and a mouse.

Produced by injection moulding, with high quality ABS plastic, the arms and legs are detachable - with arms being held on by magnets - the figure is sized 10cm / 4-inches tall.

Note that pre-orders within the month of January 2017 will receive a FREE Metal Macinbot Flat figure! This flat figure can be used as bookmark or paper clip.

Macinbot Bookmark

I seriously cannot wait for this figure to be released! If Philip intends to go thru notable Apple monitors from the past, I am excited to see the multiple colorways for G4s! (I still have one at home, even tho I no longer use it, proves how much of a hoarder i am LOL). Folks interested to find out more or stay connected to the Macinbot, there are the essential spots: / /

(Cheers for the headsup, Philip!)