Introducing TRUMAN by TOY

TOY STORY: "Truman is a Mackerel but he isn't like any other Mackerel because he has a job at the office. Truman is a Salary fish or Office fish. With his shirt button up and a straight tie, Truman keeps working on his daily basis."

Designed and created by “Toy” (Currently a Bangkok-based 3D Artist working Freelance), who plans to release “Truman” soon, perhaps by the end of the month (Stay connected via his Facebook / Instagram / YouTube for updates!). This is what Toy has to add about “Truman’s” genesis;
"My idea came from when I was waiting for train at subway station. I saw a lot of people keep busy with theirs phone. There was something weird about the angle of their head and th ephone somehow it looks like their neck is broken. And the subway during rush hours is alway pack like fish in a can. So that was it. the name Truman came from playing with word. In Thai language Mackerel called Tu so I just named him Truman (mackerel-man) just like one of my favorite movie "Truman show”.”

As well he plans to make another character either in Truman series (“Office Space”) or another series as well. Toy adds;
”Beside Truman I'm also working on Space Traveller (The “astronaut with camera” figure) and some other experimental project as well.”