“Leia’s Arcade Cabinets” from Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura

Amanda Visell shares with folks a trio of new resin figure sets - featuring “Arcade Cabinets” with a Star Wars theme, focusing on Princess Leia! Scroll down to read more about them, and head on to myswitcheroo.com to score them for US$250 each, in a limited run of only 5pcs per design! (Cabinet measures 6.5 x 2.75 x 3.75).

[ More WIP-pics on #starwarsallday ]
"…Michelle and I have been working on this arcade cabinet set for a while...The concept is a retelling of Star Wars from Princess Leia's perspective via a very nerdy vessel.

Princess Leia was a heroine we could all love. If you think about the journeys of our favorite characters from the trio of movies... She was arguably the bravest because she had the most to lose. She consistently got her ass handed to her, then kept risking it. She had a lot of adventures and a lot of outfits.

And since we are now in an era of not just nerding out, but we are now nostalgic about being nerds.... Heres our version of what that alternate narrative would look like to the kids in us."
- shared Amanda Visell.