Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers from FUNKO: Pop!Vinyls & Keychains for January Release

Sorry folks, I have all but lost my appetite been missing out tons of coverage for the upcoming POWER RANGERS film, but I have a slice of TOY-NEWS to share - No, not to “reveal” any news as-yet-seen characters, but Pop!Vinyls and Keychains from Funko!

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FUNKO PRESS: "To celebrate the upcoming release of their all-new major motion picture, in theaters March 24th, 2017, the Power Rangers are getting fired up with Funko-fied fury! Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Jason are coming soon to Pop! Vinyl and Pocket Pop! Keychains! You can also collect the villainous Rita Repulsa, available exclusively at Hot Topic! This winter, it's morphin time! Coming in January!" (Individual images HERE on #PopcornX)
I will say this tho: The designs seen in these Pops! looks somewhat more stylish than the film-counterparts tho - even though, yes, I know they are the same … looking more suitable for “super deformed toys” than live-action human sized, I reckon! But that’s just me … *cough*