MINI CORGI Resins by Eric Christian

One of the more notable resin release in 2016 - for me personally - was Eric Christian’s GWEN THE CORGI, whom alas has since Sold Out, and I never even had a chance to lay claim to the regular colorway (Why didn’t you reply me, Eric???? *sob*) … and while I remain bitter still (I will not lie…), I will not derive folks of more cuteness to be had! Make your way to his online shop to lay claim to a brand new series of Corgi-resin, this time it’s MINI CORGI in multiple colorways!

You can imagine their cute tiny paws, little butts-n-tails waggling as they scamper by, right? LOL

Sized at 1” tall, with these resin cast figures each priced at US$10 (exclude shipping) with each color limited to only 5 pieces. (*FYI: Black and White are since Sold Out).

#onTOYSREVIL: MINI CORGI Resins by Eric Christian #toynews #resintoy #indietoy

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