New Weekly Video “Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter” To Premiere Jan 17th online

2016 was a banner year for media immersion in the “Art Toy World” - from a multitude of podcasts, to new online “magazine” video channels - all of whom presenting the art and artists who ply the universe of collectibles, in the Western world. From news reports to in-depth interviews, folks in the trade and culture got to know more about the toys they were buying, and from whom they were buying from.

On the video-front, mainstays like Toy Break provided the format which folks have since exploded unto the scene with - from Sucklords in-studio sit-down SUCK HOUR, to Urban Vinyl Daily’s on-sceen coverage of DCON!

And a NEW Weekly Video channel is poised to join the rumble = "TOY GEEKS"!

"Join Ben, Jack & George every week for Toy Reviews, Exclusives and more as they welcome Guest Artists every week to talk about toys and much more from behind the counter of your favorite toy store in Burbank." (

Hosted by George Gaspar (of “Toy Break”), Ben Goretsky (Owner of 3D Retro) and Jack Venturo (filmmaker & toy-customizer) … and let’s not forget the “puppet” … the show will be presented with the 3D Retro-store itself as the backdrop!

Fresh from their store being used in Mark Hammill’s Pop Culture Quest - the in-store location premise is an excellent scene setter indeed, much like the “Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash” comic-book store was for Kevin Smith’s COMIC BOOK MEN, methinks!

”What? ANOTHER Weekly Video???” - you might ask … just think of it this way, from back in the late-80s to 1990s, geeks (*like myself) hankered to see pour fav comicbook superhero and villains battle it out on the silver screens! And would have never imagined comicbook-movies flourishing as it had today, with which we are now flood with super-hero (which are no longer “spandex-clad” but “leather bound”) films … which also means we have ample CHOICES of WHAT to watch.

We no longer have to HANKER or WISH, we now have CHOICES, don’t we? :)

Stay tuned to the first episode airing 01/17/17 on YouTube & Facebook! And follow @ToyGeeksBTC on Instagram & Twitter. #ToyGeeksBTC

Another THANK YOU! to @venturoproductions for producing the trailer for the show! #venturoproductions #toygeeksbtc

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