Palette Toy’s ROCKET BOY Red Version via Lottery

Are you ready for the RED Version of ROCKET BOY from Palette Toy? Well, you’ll have to go thru a Lottery System to get at this! What you need to do is/are:

(1) Email “” (overseas sales only)
(2) Email Subject Title should be "Rocket boy order.”
(3) Include in the email your: NAME, SHIPPING ADDRESS and PHONE
(4) Application Reception Period is January 21th - 27th, 2017.
"We will confirm shipping costs and stock and then reply by email to winners. (A) lottery system will be used. In the case of draws to purchase, we will only contact back by email the winners of the draw. The winning contestant will be contacted by email by January 31st.

We expect to ship the item at the beginning of February, 2017. Payment will take place through PayPal."

Licensed from Shigeru Sugiura, this 9-inch tall soft vinyl/sofubi figure is designed by Itokin Park x Mirock Toys, and made by Palette Toy. This looks to be the 2nd production colorway to be released (after the first “Yellow”), and as weak there had been two hand-painted black and a blue version done for DesignerCon 2016.