PIPKEN LABBIT by Scott Tolleson x Kidrobot

I don’t have a whole lot of Labbits from Kidrobot (save for a box set gift from my Stroke days and a Keep Watch Labbit), and it’s not as if I “don’t like them” - heck I gag for tons of them, including Yankee Pig Dog, Cyborg & Nemesis and Death Dealer - but always near cannot afford them, nor miss out before they get all snatched-up at Ozzo’s … but THIS, this I would love to add into my little collection, becoz: (1) It’s Scott Tolleson, and (2) the dorky smile is adorable! You don’t really see a whole lot of Rabbits smiling, and not have a cigarette sticking out it’s mouth either LOL

myplasticheart has it for US$49.99 (above picture via).
PRESS: "Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson team up again to bring you a preppy new take on the classic Labbit platform. This 7 inch Labbit is ready to show off some style with removable glasses and an iconic Scott Tolleson argyle sweater! Get one today and put some prep in your step!"

UPDATED: And OF COURSE there is going to be a “special online only” alternative Pipken colorway! (Full image HERE) Seen draped in a PINK “sweater” - look for it to drop on Kidrobot.com.