#Playingwith Huck Gee’s GOLD LIFE (Shadow Editions) by Mighty Jaxx

One of the more notable releases in 2016 - in fact listed on my TOP TEN TOY HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2016 - is Huck Gee's GOLD LIFE figures with Mighty Jaxx!

Featured here today is the Shadow Edition colorway of the first trio of figures to be unleashed, who made their debut at the 2016 STGCC - where I managed to purchase on the very last day of the event, alas without either meeting Mr Gee or even getting him to sign the boxes.

Nevertheless, here are some snaps of them as I unboxed them for some personal “play time”, and shares some basic impressions too.

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One “extra” aspect of these editions, is the PowerCore-enabled “Smart Toy” technology, coming in the form of a graphic card with a passcode, which when after downloading from www.powercore.io, you would be able to activate the app, ”unlock free messaging stamps, add your favorite characters to games, and even win limited edition figures.” (Blogged).

Each of THE SOUL COLLECTOR, RAKU DAY and RAKU NIGHT, has their own unique plastic card with relative graphic and art.

PowerCore x Huck Gee had an earlier (production) relationship with “Battle Tails” (Huck’s mobile strategy game), and brings forward said collaboration into this release, which proves the collector an added value pf “play”.

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And now that the figures are out of their boxes, time to “play” with them! And by that I literally meant “PLAY” (not the adult parallel of “play” - meaning “taking photographs” haha) … as only a kidult knows how to hahaha (P/S: I will not mind if you chose to mute the audio in the video featured below hahahaha).

Now, that wasn’t SO BAD, was it?


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The sculpted details are amazing in these Gold Life PVC figures, and as well the weight is actually substantial enough to not have it feel like a “cheap plastic toy” - which makes quite a difference, to me at least.

And while it is not at all a “new” material toys are made out of, but recent “trends” see a veering towards collectibles made out of PVC, including figures out of Taiwan (from the Genesis4 group, including woks from Fanny Kao, SkullMan/13 ART, SHON and Banana Virus), with prices catering to an opportunity for more folks who might not necessarily be in the “toy world”, to be able to own such pieces.

These days a "value" of a toy goes beyond aesthetics, quality of make etc.

“Affordability” is the new gateway into the toy realms in this age, as far as I am concerned. As the “ART” in “Art Toys” takes prominence, so does the value and cost ascend to the perceived value of “Toy Art” - which works pretty darn well for the artists, producers and speculators, but maybe not so much the average joe who might have a mortgage or child to feed and cloth instead.

These 4-inch tall figures are very decently priced at US$25 apiece, and for the details, playability, and original artists creation, is a real butt-kicking price to be had, a real “value for money” piece, in my eyes, anyways!

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“Playability” is bolstered by articulation (3 X points: neck & both arms) and removable weapons - even the katana wore at RAKU NIGHT’s back can be removed from the scabbard and held in hand! Nice job this. Mighty Jaxx!

RAKU NIGHT also possess removable hand-claws, and as well both SOUL COLLECTOR and RAKU DAY’s blade and staff could be easily removed, and no doubt interchangeable with each character! Able-handed folks could even make shurikens/throwing ninja stars and more weapons for them!

Given more character releases subsequently (we’ve seen GOLDEN CLAW and TORSIN so far :p), the possibilities of “play”with a larger group of characters, could also facilitate building dioramas with miniature props, like roadside inns and cafes, where the characters battle, etc!

And if given time and opportunity, when Mighty Jaxx ever releases an incarnation of THE WOLF RIDER, then larger scaled objects would be an ideal - like animal-drawn carts!

Who needs the “Sylvians” to play happy homes with, when you have “Gold Life” to help you fight to be the top in the pugilistic world! LOL

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If you are looking for an “investment”, then maybe Huck’s higher ticketed/priced items might be more your speed, while these Gold Life-releases begins to be unboxed and played with! I certainly have, and will continue to hahahaha

The full coloured versions of this trio seen here have since been on pre-order in September 2016 (for a 4th quarter 2017 release), and I cannot wait to see who else is to come, and how the series will flourish in the near future!


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