Pop! Marvel: GwenPool from Funko Coming in February

FUNKO PRESS: "Gwen Poole, aka GwenPool, has left the real world to join the world of Funko Pop! vinyl! A longtime fan of the Marvel Universe, The Unbelievable GwenPool is eager to make a consequence-free impression on the world! Collect her with her mask and katana, with her mask and cell phone (exclusively at Toys R Us), or unmasked (only at Walgreens)! Add GwenPool to your collection this winter! Coming in February!"

Ye gawds but I am so out of touch with comicbooks now, it took me a minute to accept that there is an actual “Gwenpool” in the Marvel Universe, and according to Wiki, she is as well not “Gwen Stacy” x “Deadpool”, but a whole other singular character altogether? LOL

Gawds but I miss buying regular comicbooks tho…


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