WHAT-IS: Was 2016 a good year for you collecting toys? RACHEL PINGEL (scroll to the bottom of this post to find out a little more about Rachel!) shares with us her TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016 today (And you can too) and not in any particular ranking too - in a serial feature lasting the whole of January 2017, as we look back at a year of toys! Share Your Toy-Joy!

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Gasser Skull by Gasser Garage
RACHEL PINGEL: “This was my first resin purchase of 2016. The skull, the colours, the size, it all appealed to me! It's got some nice weight to it too! I think it's one of only two 'car' based toys I have, but damn I love it! Gasser Garage helped me out with the purchase, even let me choose which colour combination I wanted. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in Australia with one of these & I'm damn proud! My only grief is that I'd wish I'd bought more of them!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Vintage Mouse by Taylored Curiosities
RACHEL PINGEL: “This little plushy appealed to me the moment I saw it! It was one of three that Taylored Curiosities made & I managed to snag it before she took the left-overs to ToyConUK last year. I love the vintage fabric & it's little resin ears! Beautifully made little toy, makes me wish I bought plushies more often!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Sammy Sado Friend by Greenbag Toys
RACHEL PINGEL: “Sammy is a personal fave from this year (I also have a custom of him!). This sadistic little fellow is a character I've been following since the first rumours of it's creation. I'm in awe over Greenbag Toys work, Sammy is an incredibly appealing fellow. I'm eager to see what Greenbag Toys make in the future (though I've heard rumours of a Sammy plushy!!!)”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Jon-Paul Kaiser by Custom Dunny
RACHEL PINGEL: “Probably my most unexpected toy of the year! The Toy Chronicle ran a guessing contest. I had the right guess & the guys hooked me up with this piece of epicness! My only toy from JPK & really the only one I need! The hat & 'The Rocking Machine' are hand sculpted & it's all hand painted. JPK has amazing skill!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Saihatari by Amapro
RACHEL PINGEL: “One of the toys I picked up at Soft Vinyl Mayhem 2 this year. There wasn't many toys that appealed to me at the show, but the moment I saw this chunk of vinyl I wanted it! It was ridiculously cheap & it's a hefty 7 inches tall! It's my first Amapro toy & it's left me wanting more!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Bukkake by Fintism (Electric Monarchy)
RACHEL PINGEL: “This is probably one of my more questionable toys of the year. So many great names were involved with the creation & sale of this (designed by Fintism aka ELectric Monarchy, sculpted by  Macsorro, cast by Tru:TEK & sold by Art Whore) , but it was thanks to a Facebook post by Art Whore that I became aware of it. Managed to snag one of the last ones available. It glows like crazy! It's naughty & cute! It's basically the perfect addition to my collection!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Mini Kubreys by CodecZombie
RACHEL PINGEL: “I couldn't decide which colour was my favourite, so this addition to my list is a 'group' of three toys. The Mini Kubreys are just as stunning as the full-sized version. CodecZombie released four different colours last year. The blank white was was a con-exclusive, a good friend of mine hooked me up (a very welcome surprise)! When the other three were released online I managed to grab one of the black (monolith) version AND CodecZombie kindly sent me a one-off casting too! These little chunks of resin make me incredibly happy! CodecZombie is in my opinion one of the most impressive resin artists out there.”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Fluff Critter by Cult Mini Figures
RACHEL PINGEL: “This toy is just mental! I had seen a similar one made by Cult Mini Figures & I enquired about the potential to have my own, this is the epic monstrosity they created for me! It's fluffy, it's ugly, it's against humanity! This is the ideal toy for me! I'm still insanely happy about this toy, it's definitely a statement piece & one of the more crazy things sitting on my shelves!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Tinbot by Tinbot World
RACHEL PINGEL: “I love a bit of fun amongst my toys & that made the Tinbot a necessary purchase! Being me, the black & orange variety was really my only choice! I love a toy I can actually play with & the Tinbot is a perfect example. Genius packaging design & just a super entertaining little toy! I'm excited to see what colours are produced in the future, I'd really like to own more!”

TOP TEN TOYS OF 2016: Space Dogs by Han Ning
RACHEL PINGEL: “My last toys of 2016 & some of the cutest things I've ever bought! I've been following the creation of these since they were first teased (in basically every toy blog everywhere back in July). I love a bit of cuteness amongst my toys & these little critters easily fill the bill! Da wang(yellow), Qiu qiu(blue) & Xiao tian(pink). These are by far the most adorable additions to my collection this year! Wonderful colour combinations & a unique style to each figure. Damn I love these colourful little cuties!”

ABOUT RACHEL PINGEL: “I'm a pretty eclectic collector I suppose, I like a little bit of everything. This years list wasn't difficult, I didn't buy that many toys this year really (I'm a 'low income' collector). Not that that should diminish their inclusion in this list, these toys still out-did everything else I bought over the year. I think this list sums up nicely my type of toy purchasing though. Anything sexually offensive, cute as hell, colourful as hell or just a bit wacky & I'm probably going to want it! Well, those categories & obviously A Clockwork Orange as well!

Beyond the toys themselves, I'm an avid networker. You can find more information about my toy endeavours in my Stuff & Things blog and my A Clockwork Orange Collector blog. I also run the 'Resin Toy Obsession' group on facebook & you can basically find me wherever toy discussion might be happening!”


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