RC4WD Chevrolet Blazer Hard Body RC-Video - #NotArtToy

In my muddled memories of childhood toys (very muddled indeed), I have a very distinct memory of owning a remote control (RC) “KITT 2000” - 1982 Pontiac Trans Am - from the television series “Knight Rider”! A simple (maybe) 8 to 10-inch long RC car with forward, backwards, turns etc … and I adored it so! I could even attempt a 180* (although that was never taught in the manual), becoz I was a clever boy when it came to toys (and “only toys” :p) … I never knew what happened to the car though, whether is was thrown away, or pilfered (there has been a long-standing reason of "domestic theft" in the past, but I suspect otherwise… who the heck would want to pilfer my toy model cars and lego???? LOL)

Anyways, I never had a RC car ever since, and never did I want one at all … until I saw THIS video! The P.O.V. is awesome fun!

"Exclusive video from Dphotographer Danny Huynh with his latest creation showing our officially licensed Chevrolet Blazer Hard Body Complete Set and plenty more RC4WD products!" (RC4WD)

Still want my KITT back tho…