Rooster Angpao for CNY 2017

There are different words for it; “Red Packet”, “Red Envelope”, “Ang Pao” (in Hokkien), and “Hong Bao” (in Chinese/Mandarin) - but they all essentially mean the same thing: A predominately red colored printed envelope (opening vertically), with auspicious meaning text or design accents in gold foil - whereby (Chinese) folks use them to hold cash / dollar notes inside of them, to gift someone else, during the Chinese Lunar New Year (*or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby), in an act associated with good fortune and good luck, well wishes.

Or as I would like to call it *Free Money* - especially when I was a unmarried young’uns, receiving them from our elders (Once you get married, you start to GIVE angpaos to others tho), but subsequently becoming uber-awkward, as one grows older and is not married, and relations might start thinking ”Aiyoh so old already sill take angpao, ah?”

Nevertheless, here’s a look at some angpao designs for this Year of the Rooster - and with the Chinese Lunar New Year happening this weekend, time to either start collecting them, or start filling them up with dollar-bills to give away!

🙏🏻 #stickymonsterlab

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올 구정에도 福 많이 받으세요🔥#stickymonsterlab

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Thank you @lefocker for #flabslab x #supernaturalfart red packets.

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