SLEEPWALKER OFFSPRING (Unpainted Orange Edition) by Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan for Jan 26 Release!

Scheduled for a release on January 26th, is the SLEEPWALKER OFFSPRING UNPAINTED ORANGE vinyl from Kurbokan! Designed by Paulus Hyu, we’ve had a peek not too long go, and now, the yummy 4 inch tall vinyl offspring is ready to greet the coming Lunar New Year!
”(This) Chinese New Year ed. Sleepwalker Offspring is packaged in a special red bag and it comes with a red envelope (packet) that contains real Chinese coins and a hologram Offspring cards."

Limited to 45 pieces worldwide, each priced at US$45.00, there is an extra “surprise” to be had: Three of them will be the painted ones done by Paulus Hyu (see at bottom of post). They will be available at random!

Los Angeles (Pacific Time) @ 8:00PM January 26th, 2017
New York (Eastern Time) @ 11:00PM January 26th, 2017
Singapore (Singapore) @ 12:00PM January 27th, 2017
Tokyo (Japan) @ 1:00PM January 27th, 2017


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