The Coming of LUCKY by Okedoki x VTSS Toys

VTSS Toys teams up with Okedoki again for an upcoming new vinyl toy release, scheduled to greet the world in the 2nd quarter of 2017! “LUCKY” is seen here as a resin prototype (below), with a paint test (above).

“Lucky” will be their sixth release, after Benny The Dreamer (including the Lifesize Fiberglass Figures), Puck (looks like “Lucky” might be a similar breed? :p), Night Dreamer, Stevie the Wonder Mouse and Little Dreamers (2014) … whatever happened to "Benny the Dreamer" 5 Year Edition though?

Further developments will be updated when they are revealed! Meanwhile, stay tuned to both Instagrams @vtsstoys and @okedoki_art for updates!


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