UME Toys’ Friday 13th Lucky Bags & Valentine’s Cuddle Monster

Richard Page at UMETOYS shares with us a couple of toy-slices this weekend, starting with his Friday the 13th “Lucky Bags” to be had online here for £55.00 a pull - limited to 13 worldwide - with ”bags stuffed with one off UME collectables given a unique horror makeover. The contents of each bag will be different so no two will be the same.”

But if you’re not feeling “lucky” with pulls, then maybe you’ll be “lucky” with your partner - or hope to be - come Valentine’s Day this year! Rich’s got you sorted;
"This Valentines day say it with flowers... wait a minute scratch that idea and say it with a Cuddle Monster who will keep your loved one company long after the roses have dried out.

This little chap is a brand new sculpt that sits around 3 inches tall clutching a love heart in his podgy little mitts. Each hand made Cuddle Monster comes in a header carded bag along with a collectors card.

If you'd like to add one to your collection head over to the UME store at 9:00pm London time on Monday 16th January 2017.”