WILD KONG BLACK PORCELAIN by Richard Orlinski x K.Olin tribu

K.Olin tribu and French artist Richard Orlinski join forces for their second-ever collaboration (Peep the first WHITE Edition HERE), a new Kong Porcelain. The result is an impressive, unglazed sculpture, comprised of black porcelain. Limited to only 10 pieces, each entry is numbered and then sold with a certificate of authenticity and delivered in a wooden crate.

Sized 28 x 20 x 9 cm and priced at 3 000,0 € per - The Wild Kong Black sculpture from Richard Orlinski and K.Olin tribu is now available online here.

*Porcelain not enameled. Black paint applied by a porcelain craftsman. The piece is annealed afterwards. Paint applied in porcelain ever since. Made in Limoges , France certified.

WILD KONG’s also been busy greeting the world in numerous different colors and poses too - thanks to @richardorlinski! Will they get made into more collectibles too? Including the chocolate chocolate Kong? LOL


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