YUAN KONG 1/6 by Winson Ma x Gate Toys - for “War in the West: Time Wars (Part One)”

Since it’s debut at Toy Soul 2016 (Dec 16-18) in Hong Kong last year, Winson Ma now unleashes his latest story and character concept into the world! Witness the majesty of “YUAN KONG” from “War in the West: Time Wars” (Part One)!

Made in collaboration with GATE TOYS, this is a sci-fi-take on a traditional Chinese lore “Journey To The West”, with the Monkey God / “Sun Wu Kong” here reimagined as an armoured warrior with blaster in one hand, and wielding his sword of flame in another! And no forgetting his Battle Staff! Unmasked, Yuan Kong is ready for WAR!

Amazingly mind-boggling details, of a stupendous design (oh what an awesome animated film this would make!), with what looks to be an exceptional production (if these images and video is any indication, of course), and something justifiable with the price-points asked for (see new para :p) ... and check out that insane dioramic-base! Hey, it's fairly obvious I am liking this piece tremendously, heaping praises upon it hahahaha You Decide with your own eyes, okay? Meanwhile, there are MORE images HERE on Facebook!

SRP is HK$2,880 / RMB2,480 / US$460 (prices include shipping). Folks overseas (non-Hong Kong) can order by emailing direct “info@winsoncreation.com” for enquiries, while folks in HK can head to SEVEN store (Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok 2A-2H Silver City Plaza, E01-0 2 shop basement) - where the figure is also being displayed.

Scheduled for a release on January 25th, you can currently pre-order, for a third quarter 2017 ship. More images and info on www.winsoncreation.com (*Website in Mandarin).