1/6 APOCALYPSE WAR JUDGE DREDD by ThreeA for 2000AD 40th Anniversary Special Edition (Feb 11 Pre-order)

I was having a pretty jubilant Friday today actually … having received positive results from my blood-work, and finding out I’ve lose some weight, when I aw the news of THIS release, then I cussed under me breath, because I couldn’t afford it! (*Neither could I the first version on pre-order) ... But here I am blogging about it, because I LOVE IT!

Witness the 1/6th-scaled APOCALYPSE WAR JUDGE DREDD by ThreeA Toys! Available via Bambaland.com from February 11th, priced at US$220 (Bambaland.com Orders Include Free Worldwide Shipping). You might want to check in with your fav retailer(s) for possible availability and final price(s).

Scroll down for MORE pics, and product stats!

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THREEA PRESS: "2000AD and ThreeA are celebrating Forty Years of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic the best way we know how – with the unstoppable Apocalypse War Judge Dredd in 1/6th Scale!

The visual appearance of the Apocalypse War Edition harkens back to one of the most pivotal moments for Judge Dredd and the future of Mega-City One, and is inspired by the epic storyline by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Carlos Ezquerra.

Apocalypse War Judge Dredd features a Vintage Blue Judge Uniform, Red Copper Armor, RAD Cloak for the irradiated aftermath, and comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons designed to dish out justice to all creeps, perps, and the invading enemies from East Meg One who dare stand in his way!"

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- Judge Dredd Created by Pat Mills, John Wagner, and Carlos Ezquerra
- Commemorating 40 Years of 2000 AD!
- Officially Licensed by 2000 AD and Rebellion
- Stands 12.3-Inches (31.2 cm) Tall
- 29 Points of Articulation
- Features Blue Judge Uniform and Red Copper Armor for a Vintage style Look

1x one/6th Scale Judge Dredd Fully Articulated Figure
2x Interchangeable Faces - Standard Scowl and Gritted Teeth Expressions
4x Sets of Interchangeable Hands
1x Lawgiver Mk1 - Features Removable Ammo Magazine
1x Stub Gun (Not Pictured*, Included With Shipped Production Version)
1x Daystick
1x RAD Cloak with Hood
USD $220
Bambaland.com Orders Include Free Worldwide Shipping

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As mentioned in the press description text (above), “The Apocalypse War” is a storyline from 2000AD’s “Judge Dredd” circa 1982, written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra. The sequel yo the infamous “Block War”, ”The Apocalypse War covered 25 episodes over 2000 AD progs 245–267 and 269–270.” As interestingly, is the plot of said comicbook story, a harbinger to current times in the West?
PLOT: "Set in 2104, it tells of the invasion of Dredd's city, Mega-City One by its Soviet counterpart, East Meg One. While the city is still vulnerable, most of the population having been infected by the Block Mania drug, the East-Meg forces launch a surprise attack on all fronts, including nuking random sectors of the city." (Read More)