1/6 GEISHA TQ from ThreeA Toys for 3/3/17 Release

ThreeA Toys announces the impending sale of GEISHA TQs on Bambaland.com come March 3rd, 2017. There will be 4 x Tomorrow Queens to be had, each in 1/6th-scale using the 10" body. Thus far a trio of ladies have been revealed, with the 4th perhaps being a 3AA-edition to be revealed later. Price will be US$140 per (price includes shipping worldwide).

GEISHA TQ KIBO NO HOSHI is the first lady shown, and I’ve a handy video to showcase her off :)

Stay connected to @worldof3a for further reveals and updates.

"Surviving members of the all female group Odoriko, they gained fame and admieration as the last TQ standing in defiance with TKYO against the marauding Mortis forces at the infamous Pluto frontline battle! "
UPDATED: Images for all 4 x Versions:


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