“1/6 Male Toy Room Diorama” by Hank Cheng

“1/6 Male Toy Room Diorama” by Hank Cheng from Taiwan … I did say this was a “1/6 diorama”, right? Once I picked my jaw back from the ground beneath my toy-diorama-loving heart, I’d contacted Hank for permission to use his images for this video - for which you can view stills here on Facebook, and as well an inspiring Making-Of” the diorama!

The room looks exceptionally “neat” for a toy-collector and scaled-model hobbyist, who has a work-table and even a compressor for air-brushing! Would this be a replica of Hank’s own room? It certainly would be MY dream-room, featuring an abundant of display shelves for my toy collection!

This 1/6th-scaled Diorama (Sized W83xm x D51cm x H47cm) was the result of 9 months’ worth of work (5.15.2016 ~ 2.14.2017), and It. Is. EPIC.

As seen from the making-of images, tons of stuff were scratch-built, from the diorama room base to the model kit boxes, and including the toy-shelves themselves - following the aesthetic of “old school” styled wood-framed cabinets. And if you check out the videos below, the “scaled TV set” works too! The attention to detail is intense and amazing, right down to the stickers on the panels on the cabinets!

Hank Cheng Is Now My Toy Hero!


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