A Signed Collectible, A Signed Memory

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A hand-written signature / “autograph” on a toy collectible always adds that extra depth (of “history” or “emotion”?) to the visual aesthetic of a piece / item it already is/may be, at least to me. Do not doubt that "extra touch", as it is one of the very few "human connection(s)” between the product's creator/maker/artist-originator, and the person who purchased/was-gifted/who-now-owns it, IMHO.

It could be purchase direct from - either in person or online - the originator of said piece, in a limited edition of ONE, to a 4 piece micro-run, to Twenty piece smiling in a row - whatever the creator decides to sign the piece, of course. I truly don’t mind having mine signed at the feet, even away from prying eyes, as THAT’s the memory of the “connection” I’d secretly adore and enjoy, between said creator/oiginator, and myself … no, not “cry” at all, thanks! LOL

It is different from a “marking” or product embed though, as I'd “naively” like to think that the creator/person-who-signed-the-piece, is/was trying to say “Thank You for your purchase and support, Signed …”

It does matter to me, if given the chance … does it to YOU?

Weigh in on the comments section, if you so please :)

Cheers and have a fab #toylife!

P/S#1: The above piece is a Popcon Asia Edition JACKALSTORM resin figurine made by TopzToy (from Thailand) and exclusive to SOTOY at Popcon Asia 2016!

P/S#2: And "NO", thisdoes not mean I want ALL of my collectibles to be signed! hahahahaha