About That Light Blue Colorway Edition of “AOMORI-KEN” by Yoshitomo Nara (for 10th Anniversary of Aomori Museum of Art)


Oh dear. I really do not hope to be a bringer of “bad toy news”, but if you were waiting/looking for the “Light Blue” colorway of “AOMORI-KEN” by Yoshitomo Nara (previewed earlier), then alas, the Aomori Museum of Art has since stated that they are Sold Out of the 19.3cm tall soft vinyl (PVC) figure bank.

Released on February 3rd, they each had a SRP of 4,500 Yen (approx. US$39 / SG$56), with no specific quantities mentioned, and no word of any re-releases. I certainly hope you were either (A) Lucky to score one, or (B) Not have to pay too much on the secondary market.

Produced by Linden, apparently there MIGHT still be a chance for a resale, maybe? Stay connected to the Aomori.moa.shop Facebook!


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