About That TOYSREVIL-Edition EDMOON from Riandi Sumadinata & Happy Birthday EDMOON!

Had a chance to meet up with Bandung-based toy designer Riandi Sumadinata at the opening of Choking Hazard at kult (for which he had a piece on show! -see below!) and was humbly gifted this specially made EDMOON resin figure, in the guise of TOYSREVIL Mascot Ears! Loving the “googles” which utilises the “angry eyes” of my mascot too!

Today, February 28th marks the BIRTHDAY of his creation - so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDMOON! - and I’d want to give a shout out to it’s creator as well - Great meeting and chatting with you, Riandi! And thanks again for the gift!

Folks should connect with Riandi via instagram.com/sumadinata and instagram.com/so.toy, and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ED MOON!

(Above snap thanks to Iffah / Below images via cult)


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