Devils Headquarters for Valentines Drop: UNPAINTED PINK APALALA & JIZO-ANARCHO

Toby Dutkiewicz sends word of an upcoming Valentine’s Day release on February 14th (no exact time of drop is revealed, except that it’ll be “in the morning”).
BE MINE" UNPAINTED PINK APALALA (Below-left): ""Cast in electric pink vinyl this unpainted version of Apalala is the first official webshop drop. Show that special someone some love by giving the gift of monsterous affection or do some self love and grab one for yourself. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $130 each."
"BE MINE" UNPAINTED PINK JIZO-ANARCHO (Above-right): "A great companion piece for the previously released unpainted pink Alavaka Bodhisattva and the previously mentioned unpainted pink Apalala. Do you have a partner with a sarcastic sense of humor? This is the perfect Vday gift if so. Cast in electric pink vinyl. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30 each."
*SPECIAL NOTE: ”There will be a MICRO LIMITED run of uncut and unassembled "billiken kit style" electric pink Jizo-Anarcho's and Apalala's posted in the shop at the same time the standard release happens. While buying multiple Jizo-Anarchos is A-OK, you will be allowed to buy ONLY 1 APALALA. Refunds will go out to anyone who attempts to purchase more than 1. Assemble if you dare or leave it in all it's uncut glory.”